One on one care moments in our Bellbird and Korimako bathroom Special moments – the Penguin tamariki enjoying a high-tea celebration  
Outdoor explorations for the Penguin tamariki The Bellbird tamariki laying the base for their vegetable garden, made from an up-cycled wooden palletTui tamariki working on their number line Korimako tamariki enjoying kai time Tui tamariki on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens Natural corner in the Bellbird room Music time for the Penguin Tamariki Caring for our plants in the Bellbird room Wall displays in the Tui room- celebrating Diwali Reading nook in the Tui room Bellbird tamariki exploring natural sensory play A morning hui in the Tui room Korimako tamariki exploring water playKorimako tamariki enjoying morning kai Bellbird tamariki enjoying pukapuka on the outdoor couch Tui tamariki enjoying a laugh at a full centre mat time Korimako and Bellbird tamariki harvesting coriander seeds from their gardenKorimako tamariki exploring nature play Full centre celebrations – Onesie Day to support Wellington Free Ambulance  Bellbird tamariki caring for worm farm Penguin tamariki building a railway Tui tamariki exploring a game together Exploring resources in the Tui room Wall displays in the Tui room- under the sea learning journey The Bellbird tamariki enjoying a pukapuka at mat time Penguin tamariki exploring art play Spring arriving in the Bellbird garden Penguin treasure baskets
Tui tamariki enjoying morning kai
The Bellbird and Korimako sleep room
Penguin tamariki exploring dough gardens