A nurturing learning community committed to high quality care and education for children.


•  We embrace the unique individuality of children and families
•  We nurture trusting and collaborative relationships
• We recognise children’s play as important learning
•   We acknowledge children as confident and competent learners
•  We value Te Whāriki the Early Childhood Curriculum and encompass this in our teaching and learning practices

Bellbird and Korimako Room Values:

•  primary care giving and attachment theory
•  unhurried, one on one care moments
•  uninterrupted play
•  freedom of movement
•  our environment is our third teacher

Penguin Room Values:

•  we value children’s choices, we feel that our children learn by encouraging responsibility
•  we support children to work together and help each other through learning and play
•  we encourage independence through our daily routines

Tui Room Values:

We strive to support children:
•  who are healthy in mind, body, and spirit
•  who are interested and eager to learn and discover
•  who are ready to start school confidently